Friday, April 4, 2008


I wanted to share with you a list that I have been thinking about lately. (yes, if you know me well, you know I love my lists...)

Things I am grateful for:
-JEFF, ANNA, AVA & ALEXIS: (officially the Thornhill Triple-A Team or Jeff and Marie + 3...which ever you prefer. :)I can't even begin to describe how complete you all make me feel!
-HEALTH: (for the girls, for us and for all of you!)
-MOM & DAD: for helping in more ways than even I can list.
-OUR SIBLINGS: for all of their support and excitement for us!
-OSU NICU STAFF: for taking care of our girls and making sure they started out healthy!
-OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS: it's so great that we can stay connected with you and keep you updated on the girls. What would we do without all of you? Your excitement, support, laughter, advice (requested or not) is all appreciated. Regardless of whether you are in New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oregon, California, Colorado, Montana, D.C., Nebraska or right here in Ohio, we love you all and miss those of you we don't see often enough! (Who am I forgetting? Send us a comment and let us know where you have been keeping tabs on us from!)

This bottom part is a bit more trivial and selfish. I didn't think these things deserved to be included in the list above, but I am still grateful for the following:
-SLEEP: I don't get that much, so I am grateful for even the tiniest amount and you should be too. :)
-HAIRCUT & HIGHLIGHTS: I didn't go for the drastic blonde yet..I am easing back into it, but by this summer, I should be back to my old self!
-A TAN: Ok, so I don't have this yet, but I will be very grateful once I do...I have been pale, pale, PALE for the last 9 months!
-JEANS THAT I HAVEN'T FIT INTO IN 2 YEARS: I'm glad I kept you! Who would have thought having triplets was the best thing for my waist line and hips? Thank you Anna, Ava and Alexis for carrying not only the 25 pounds of pregnancy weight, but also an extra 20 pounds with you on your way out! HA! :) See the pictures below that Jeff took today because he said I needed to brag a bit...however I didn't do anything...the girls deserve all of the credit! People that don't know me have been very kind in that they tell me that they don't believe I had triplets just 4.5 weeks ago...but then again, they don't see what's under the clothes and they also don't have anything to compare it to, so that is why I am including my last pregnancy photo too. It was taken at 34 weeks (just 4 days before the girls arrived). Was I really that HUGE?!! :) I will answer that so you don't have to feel awkward..."Yes, Marie, you were huge...take a look at your strech marks if you need a reminder." :)

So thank you for your kind comments, funny remarks, inside jokes, compliments, questions, thoughtfulness, love and just overall support! This blog has certainly taken on a life of its own...well 3 little lives to be exact! I'm so grateful to have this outlet to share with you our journey as a new family and especially to share with you these precious little girls. I am so lucky because I get to spend each and every day with these adorable girls and my wonderful husband. I truly believe this is what I am supposed to do in a wife and mother and I thank God every day that he has given me the opportunity. For this, I am GRATEFUL.


Harris Boys said...

Marie! you look fantastic!! that is awesome about the jeans...I feel the same way even though it may come off selfish! I think we have deserved that right!

I am very grateful for my healthy boys and look forward to watching your 3 beautiful girls grow!

SaraBelle said...

Marie -- you look great!!! It feels good to do something for yourself every once in a while, right (I'm sure the hair appointment was a pure luxury!). :-) And I love the list . . . I can totally relate as well.

Your girls are beautiful! Take care!

Kristen Callaway said...

Marie!! You look fantastic!! Wonderful!! I wish I was closer to share your joy and happiness! I can truly say that I am grateful for your friendship and need I say "being a family." I am also grateful that you were blessed with a beautiful family...exactly what you deserved....when we all knew that is all you have ever wanted!! God Bless you and Jeff and your bundle"s" of joy!!

Anonymous said...

I love people who make list, whether it is what to buy at the grocery store of the things they are grateful for! My favorite post so far! :) You are looking just adorable as ever. If I saw you in public and didn't know you, I would laugh when you told me you just had triplets as well. You look amazing! These latest pictures show how much you look like Jane!

Glad to hear the "big" family is doing well!!


the schirano triplets said...

what a wonderful post! and you look absolutely incredible!!!

BoufMom9 said...

What a GREAT list and OMG you are fabulous! I can't believe you look that good! WOW! WOW!

Pam said...

oh my gosh, you look AMAZING! i am green with envy. of course, it'd help if i put away the chocolate. heh heh...

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... you're hot! I couldn't believe how quick you had "Marie'd" when I saw you at the Barn. I can't believe Jeff wasn't there to intimidate the gawkers ... but I guess you were pretty safe there.

I'm thankful for your leadership and all the encouragement you gave me. You deserve all the happiness in the world!

J. Rah

Anonymous said...

You do look great, Marie. Congratulations!

p.s. Thanks for keeping the blog's awesome to see pictures and know you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

Awww, you didn't forget me in your list!!! :) (why does it always come back to me??? lol) you know you look fabulous!! i'm so jealous...jeans you haven't fit for 2 years??? how great is that!!! i talked to Kay last night and she told me she got to see them...I will be home for mom's day, so you and the girls need to get ready for auntie tiff!!