Friday, April 18, 2008

Deep Thoughts at 3am.

It's nearly 3am and I just finished feeding Anna. I haven't been to bed yet, as I am wide awake and am afraid that once I go to sleep it will be harder to get up...not the smartest idea, but it's working for me at the moment.

So if you were ever a Saturday Night Live fan way back when....I think in the early 90's, you would remember the Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy....always ridiculous, but nevertheless entertaining....Here is my version:

Deep Thoughts @ 3am

Sitting quietly in the dark, trying to hear what I think is the indication for hunger.
All I can hear is the train in the sounds extra loud at this hour. It must be carrying a heavy load.
Speaking of heavy loads...the girls sure did have their share of "loads" (or as I prefer to call them "packages") today.
How are cute little girls capable of producing such packages?
It makes me wonder how many times I will be the recipient of said packages and how I would like to set this one guideline for their delivery: Please place all "packages" in diapers.
**Note: Packages delivered in the following ways are frowned upon by management:
1. Deliveries during baths
2. Deliveries prior to baths while waiting naked wrapped in blanket
3. Deliveries after bath while being dried off in clean towel
4. Deliveries during diaper least give me warning so I can move my hand out of the way.

Still waiting to hear that cry of hunger, but I did just hear a package being delivered.


Harris Boys said...

Funny you mention dh and I were talking about different skits from that show and how that show really helped develop some great careers.

Love your deep thoughts at We've only received one package during a bath (thank goodness), but I have been lucky enough to get a few during diaper changes. TOo Funny!

Hope you and the girls have a great day!

SaraBelle said...

I love it!! People ask me all of the time if I've been "sprayed" by Bennett -- the funny thing is I've received more unexpected packages from my daughter than my son! Actually Kendyll has gone both #1 & #2 while I've changed her, bathed her, etc and I have yet to be hit by Bennett. :-)

saucysarie said...

That is abosolutly hilarious!!! I feel the exact same way about little "packages" lol. If it were only that easy to be funny when it's not 3 am!

tbonegrl said...

The packages get *much worse* as they eat more solids....just a wraning! LOL!