Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surviving Silly!

Friday, Yesterday and Today, I have had the girls all to myself again. Last week I only did Tuesday by myself because my mom had a seminar at work all day. Friday was techincially a half day since Jeff came home early...so I can't really count that one under my belt as all my own. This week, I am all by myself because my poor mom caught a cold last Thursday so she has been banned from the house. Good thing too, since it turned into somewhat of bronchitis over the weekend. I feel horrible for her. She hates air conditioning because she always gets too cold, but Jeff and I hate to be hot, so we had turned the air on last week just a tad so we could cool down the house since we had a few really nice, but hot days last week. Well somehow from the drafts in the house or something, she got sick. I don't think it helps that she was also sleep deprived so her immune system had to work extra hard. Well since she started to feel sick (and she knows from past experience that it turns into bronchitis with her) I told her to go home. She went to the Dr. on Friday and got antibiotics, so she isn't contagious or anything now, but I still think it is important for her to get well and stay well. Needless to say...I've basically gone cold turkey (her words today) on having her here. I am doing pretty well considering. It's probably good for me too. This way I have to take care of everything and don't rely on her help and it has made me believe that I can actually take care of all 3 girls by myself. Now if I can only get Jeff to have the same level of confidence so one day I can make it to the mall or out for a pedicure without having to ask my mom or sister to come over and help him.

Sidebar: Thanks to my mom, last weekend I was able to sneak in my first pedicure since JULY with my friend April. Thanks to April for joining me last minute and knowing that I just needed to get out. We even stopped by the mall for an hour and if you know me...I hate shopping...but it was actually fun this time. And Thanks to Jeff for encouraging me to get out and not freaking out at how much I spent on the BAD pedicure and clothes purchase from the LOFT. He even knew I needed it. :)

Ok, back to topic...Here are some of the things that have happened since my mom is not here:
1. I talk out loud to myself. **technically I am also talking to the babies, but I do it even when they are sleeping. I know...I'm weird. I just can't stand absolute silence except of course when I am begging for silence from babies crying.**
2. I sing really loudly and really badly to the satellite TV 80's station. I mean really badly...I never know the right words, just ask Jeff. I make them up...and even on songs I really should know. I have no clue of any lyrics...ever. :)
3. Related to #2...I dance all around the house. I think I actually made Anna laugh when she saw me dancing...ok, not really, but she did look at me as if to say "Mom, don't quit your day job!" HA!
4. Related to #3...I turn my 'dance moves' into 'workout moves'....and pretend I'm actually getting exercise. I bet the people walking their dogs by house sure do get a laugh when they see me inside "moving".
5. When I am not singing or dancing, I turn on the TV when I am folding laundry or something...and talk to the people on TV. *I told you, I'm weird like that.* Mainly I criticize or make fun of people on home improvement shows...like "why would you pick that 'such and such' for your house, ewwww!" HA HA!
6. I don't get as much time to check email and write new posts for the blog...thus why it's been a week since my last entry....

So to all of you, my loyal blog readers and blog friends, be patient with me...soon, I will be able to take care of 3 babies, sing lyrics that I make up and have time for new posts...watch out, I might even make time for lunch. :) In the meantime, I will just keep trying to survive the silliness that has become my life. :)

Stay tuned over the next week for the girls' 2 month old pictures (I plan to take them this weekend) and also an update after we go to the pediatrician for their 2 month check up....shots and all. :(

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I survived a day alone!

I forgot to mention...or I guess I just haven't had the time to mention.....that I survived an entire day by MYSELF with the girls this past Tuesday! My mom had a meeting for work and of course Jeff was at work, so I wanted to brave the day on my own. I've been alone with the girls before for a couple hours here and there, but not an entire day and through several feedings...but I made it. And we all survived without injury! Next week I will be doing a couple days by myself again so wish me luck! I know you are all probably thinking that this is no big deal, but it's easier said than done. Actually, the day went fantastic, but I was pretty tired when my mom and Jeff did get home. I'm excited that I am starting to be able to do this on my own. I'm not sending my mom home for good just yet, but pretty soon she can hopefully get back to her normal life.

Oh and these pictures are for my mom's boss...just to proove that she really is here helping me ALL THE TIME and not playing hooky at work. :) Thanks for letting me "borrow" her for these past weeks. I don't know what I would have done without her. :)

Bartender! I'll have another....

Looks like our oldest two girls have had one too many! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and wait for the comments to fly....

Ava and Jeff. Either there is a little something extra in this bottle or someone has fallen asleep on the job!

Anna and Jeff. As I am taking this picture, Jeff is singing/humming circus music...you know...Dun, dun, dun dun dada, dun dun da da, dun, dun, dun dada.... Are we the only ones that find humor at our children's expense? All we need is a monkey on her shoulder! HA!

And now that I see the pictures again...it seems the girls only behave this way for Jeff...Hmmmm???!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Outside at last!

So this past weekend the weather was BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't take it any longer and just had to get outside with the girls. While we are still limited to going places because the Dr. doesn't want the girls to be exposed to lots of people just yet, we haven't been banned from nice weather....so check out the girls first trip around the block!

We went for a walk around our neighborhood and I think the fresh air is just what I needed. As Jeff said...I needed to blow the stink off of me! Not really the nicest thing my husband has said to me...but I know what he meant. I really haven't been out of the house much (if at all) since Christmas.....Let me repeat that...I haven't been out of the house except for Dr.'s appointments and the few times I made it out to eat while on bedrest....it was only like 4 times and it was for my own sanity and included valet...well at least Jeff dropping me off at the front doors of restaurants. So other than my Dr.'s Appointments while on bedrest and then the birth of the girls and visiting them in the NICU for a week, I haven't been out since Christmas.....and if you know me....that's been probably the hardest part of this entire pregnancy journey. When people would ask if I was uncomfortable carrying triplets or if I was tired etc. etc...really, I just answered no...I loved being pregnant...it was the cabin fever that was the hardest. But now that is over and we broke out!!!!

Oh and one of my friends sent me a link to a cool jogging triple stroller that was on craigslist. We were able to get a really affordable deal on it. Considering they sell for $800 brand new, I am way happy that we were able to get it for MUCH, MUCH less than that! Now I have 2 strollers. This one you see below in the pictures and then also the one we call the train that my bookclub friends got for me. It has the 3 seats all in a row so it fits better in tight spots. That one will be used when we go places indoors and need to fit places. :) This one is one we can take a bit more off road....no, not really off road, but you know what I mean....outside and not worry about it getting dirty and beat up by pavement etc.

Me with the girls (Yes, I still need a tan, but my friend Kristen was supposed to be getting one for me in Florida this week. Hopefully she can send it my way. :)Also, check out how green our grass is thanks to my husband and the nice weather!

Here is a closer picture of the girls enjoying their first stroller ride!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Deep Thoughts at 3am.

It's nearly 3am and I just finished feeding Anna. I haven't been to bed yet, as I am wide awake and am afraid that once I go to sleep it will be harder to get up...not the smartest idea, but it's working for me at the moment.

So if you were ever a Saturday Night Live fan way back when....I think in the early 90's, you would remember the Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy....always ridiculous, but nevertheless entertaining....Here is my version:

Deep Thoughts @ 3am

Sitting quietly in the dark, trying to hear what I think is the indication for hunger.
All I can hear is the train in the distance...it sounds extra loud at this hour. It must be carrying a heavy load.
Speaking of heavy loads...the girls sure did have their share of "loads" (or as I prefer to call them "packages") today.
How are cute little girls capable of producing such packages?
It makes me wonder how many times I will be the recipient of said packages and how I would like to set this one guideline for their delivery: Please place all "packages" in diapers.
**Note: Packages delivered in the following ways are frowned upon by management:
1. Deliveries during baths
2. Deliveries prior to baths while waiting naked wrapped in blanket
3. Deliveries after bath while being dried off in clean towel
4. Deliveries during diaper changes...at least give me warning so I can move my hand out of the way.

Still waiting to hear that cry of hunger, but I did just hear a package being delivered.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Outfit from Great Grandma!

The outfit Anna is wearing came from my Grandma. I keep forgetting to take a picture and hope that Aunt Melissa can share this with Grandma the next time she takes pictures to show. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

"...a pen attached to your spoon"

Sleep Deprivation...part deux!

Friday afternoon, Jeff and I were actually out of the house for a quick errand together while my parents watched the girls. On our way back I was really wanting some ice cream...so we drove through DQ. Jeff ordered a blizzard and I wanted a strawberry sundae.
Being our typical selves...we didn't have any cash on us so of course Jeff just paid with our debit card. Easy right?!
Well we pull up to the window to pay and get our treats and the DQ employee hands Jeff 3 things:
1. My sundae, which he hands over to me
2. Receipts (1 copy for them and 1 for us)
3. and a red spoon with a pen taped to the handle

Most people would understand that since they had just paid for their treats with a credit card, they now had to sign a receipt and give it back to the restaurant. Well Jeff just hands me my sundae and then sets the receipts and the rigged up spoon down in the middle of the truck. I told him he needed to sign the receipt and he says: "Ohhhh....I was wondering why a pen was attached to your spoon." I just bursted into laughter. He says that he would have done that regardless and it wasn't sleep deprivation that made him miss an obvious thing like a pen taped to a spoon is not to help you eat and jot down your thoughts while enjoying your treat!...but I don't think that is any better. If I were him, I would be claiming lack of sleep... :)

This might not be as crazy as thinking there are babies in the bed, but it gave me quite a chuckle!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today is April 10, 2008.
That is pretty obvious, I know. But you might not know why this date is significant to us. Today is the girls' due date. What I mean is, today is the day that they would have been born had I gone 40 weeks. Of course carrying triplets 40 weeks is virtually unheard of, so pretty much since the time we found out about all 3, we knew their birthday would probably not be April 10th...or even in April for that matter. However, everything, every step of the way was still based on this date. Every ultrasound had this listed as the due date, every test referenced this date to see how far along I was, every nurse would ask me for the due date and this was the date, every person who asked when they were due was told this date...but then had a quick follow up of..."but 36 weeks is pretty much max for triplets so I'm shooting for March", which then this comment probably confused even more people.

Today is also important to recognize when understanding the girls' adjusted age because they are preemies. They were born at 34 and half weeks or 5.5 weeks early. They may reach developmental milestones based on their actual age (based on their birthday...today they are 5.5 weeks old) or they may reach milestones a bit later because it will be based on their adjusted age (based on their due date...today they are 0 weeks old). It's not that I think we will be saying their actual and adjusted ages every time someone asks how old they are, but instead it's helpful for us to understand that they may, for example, crawl when other babies do, but cut teeth a bit later....which that would be fine. :) I guess "they" say that most preemies catch up with full-term babies by age 2. Just thought you might be interested in case you ever heard other preemie moms mention an adjusted age.

Today was THE DAY...today was the day that I had dreamed of and looked forward to so much when finding out I was pregnant. Today was THE DAY that I was so excited to reach...I guess God knew that I am a tad bit impatient so he decided to not only bless us with 3 beautiful babies, but also allowed us to meet them a little early. March 3, 2008 is now THE DAY! The day that all things Jeff and Marie changed into "+3"

I have to say...if I would have carried the girls 40 weeks, I might have been a bit uncomfortable to say the least....look at how big they are in these pictures taken this morning! Oh and fair warning: In two of the pictures, they are not in their normal order of Anna, Ava and Alexis. I had to switch it up a bit due to some slouching issues. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two babies in the bed?!

Last week the sleep deprivation reached a high point....read the following and you decide!
We had to wake up to get the girls ready for an early morning appt. at the pediatrician. This conversation was after getting about an hour of sleep since the last feeding, so I "might" have been a bit groggy! :)

**Beep, Beep, Beep** (Jeff's Alarm sounding)
Jeff: Are you going to get up?
Marie: Yes, just give me a minute.
*Beep, Beep, Beep**
Jeff: Marie--are you getting up and taking a shower or do you want me to take one first?
Marie: I'm going, but there are 2 babies in the bed so don't roll over!
Jeff: WHAT?! Why are there 2 babies in the bed?
Marie: Don't worry about it...just don't roll over!
I went and took my shower and when I came out to wake Jeff so he could take his, this was the next conversation:
Marie: Jeff, you need to get up and take a shower.
Jeff: ok, just give me a minute!
Marie: Jeff, get up and take a shower we need to get going.
Jeff: Why would you put 2 babies in the bed?
Marie: WHAT?!!! Why are there 2 babies in the bed?
Jeff: I don't know, you are the one that put them there!
Marie: I didn't put babies in the bed.
Jeff: That's what you told me before you went to take a shower. That's why I am all the way on the edge...so I didn't roll over on them. I haven't slept for the last 20 mins. because you had me so worried about rolling onto the babies!
Marie: There aren't any babies in the bed...just go take your shower.

Needless to say...I guess hearing that monitor all night long combined with lack of sleep, can make one think that there are actual babies in the bed. OOPS! :) Crazy part was that I didn't even remember telling Jeff about the babies in the first place, so when he asked why they were in the bed, I freaked out because I thought he put them there....Crazy what lack of sleep can do!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I wanted to share with you a list that I have been thinking about lately. (yes, if you know me well, you know I love my lists...)

Things I am grateful for:
-JEFF, ANNA, AVA & ALEXIS: (officially the Thornhill Triple-A Team or Jeff and Marie + 3...which ever you prefer. :)I can't even begin to describe how complete you all make me feel!
-HEALTH: (for the girls, for us and for all of you!)
-MOM & DAD: for helping in more ways than even I can list.
-OUR SIBLINGS: for all of their support and excitement for us!
-OSU NICU STAFF: for taking care of our girls and making sure they started out healthy!
-OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS: it's so great that we can stay connected with you and keep you updated on the girls. What would we do without all of you? Your excitement, support, laughter, advice (requested or not) is all appreciated. Regardless of whether you are in New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oregon, California, Colorado, Montana, D.C., Nebraska or right here in Ohio, we love you all and miss those of you we don't see often enough! (Who am I forgetting? Send us a comment and let us know where you have been keeping tabs on us from!)

This bottom part is a bit more trivial and selfish. I didn't think these things deserved to be included in the list above, but I am still grateful for the following:
-SLEEP: I don't get that much, so I am grateful for even the tiniest amount and you should be too. :)
-HAIRCUT & HIGHLIGHTS: I didn't go for the drastic blonde yet..I am easing back into it, but by this summer, I should be back to my old self!
-A TAN: Ok, so I don't have this yet, but I will be very grateful once I do...I have been pale, pale, PALE for the last 9 months!
-JEANS THAT I HAVEN'T FIT INTO IN 2 YEARS: I'm glad I kept you! Who would have thought having triplets was the best thing for my waist line and hips? Thank you Anna, Ava and Alexis for carrying not only the 25 pounds of pregnancy weight, but also an extra 20 pounds with you on your way out! HA! :) See the pictures below that Jeff took today because he said I needed to brag a bit...however I didn't do anything...the girls deserve all of the credit! People that don't know me have been very kind in that they tell me that they don't believe I had triplets just 4.5 weeks ago...but then again, they don't see what's under the clothes and they also don't have anything to compare it to, so that is why I am including my last pregnancy photo too. It was taken at 34 weeks (just 4 days before the girls arrived). Was I really that HUGE?!! :) I will answer that so you don't have to feel awkward..."Yes, Marie, you were huge...take a look at your strech marks if you need a reminder." :)

So thank you for your kind comments, funny remarks, inside jokes, compliments, questions, thoughtfulness, love and just overall support! This blog has certainly taken on a life of its own...well 3 little lives to be exact! I'm so grateful to have this outlet to share with you our journey as a new family and especially to share with you these precious little girls. I am so lucky because I get to spend each and every day with these adorable girls and my wonderful husband. I truly believe this is what I am supposed to do in life...be a wife and mother and I thank God every day that he has given me the opportunity. For this, I am GRATEFUL.


Looks like the girls will be college football fans....here they are practicing their best Heisman pose impressions...or maybe they are practicing their Princess/Diva poses...regardless, I thought it was funny that they all were doing it at the same time during one of their naps this week. I think Alexis has it down the best! We can't wait until they get to attend their first Ohio State football game! GO BUCKS!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2 Big Macs and a Whopper Jr. please...

Today was the girls' one month pediatrician appointment and here is how they weighed in:

Big Mac Anna: 6 lbs 7 oz.
Big Mac Ava: 6 lbs 7oz
Whopper Jr. Alexis: 5 lbs 12oz

Yes, I just compared my girls to fast food sandwiches... :) I am so happy that they are all gaining weight and growing big and strong! The Dr. said they are all doing fantastic. I asked her if we could increase the amount we feed them since none of them seem satisfied with only 2oz. So hopefully by increasing the amount at each feeding, we will maybe be increasing the time between feedings too. I know, I know wishful thinking, but a girl can dream.