Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Triple A Team Arrived 3/3/08!

Anna, Ava and Alexis arrived last night at 7:19, 7:20 and 7:22 pm! All of the girls are doing great! They are in the NICU for the moment, however all are big and healthy and doing great! We haven't been told a timeline as to how long they will need to stay in the NICU, but we are very optimistic since they are all breathing on their own and haven't had any problems. They are basically just staying there for observation and to make sure they continue to do so well.

Here are the details:
Anna Caroline Thornhill
4 lbs, 7 oz
17 inches

Ava Jane Thornhill
5 lbs, 3 oz
18.5 inches

Alexis Marie Thornhill
4 lbs, 2.5 oz
16.5 inches

We'll add more pictures and details as soon as the wireless is working better in the hospital.


Jill said...

CONGRATULATIONS JEFF AND MARIE! What an instant family you have!How beautiful! I can't wait to meet the girls!

osuapril said...

She is beautiful! I can't wait to see her sisters.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Congratulations Marie and Gator! Cant wait to meet the little ladies!
Abbey Erford

Anonymous said...

She is adorable you guys can't wait to see the rest of the team. Congrats. Marie get some rest. Gator get ready I guess haha. You guys are goin to be great!

Luke Bumgarner

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Marie and Jeff! I can't believe you stayed pregnant as long as you did! You are the women! If there is anything I can do please let me know, but the NICU team at OSU is great! Take care and I can't wait to meet your sweet baby girls! Tyler is going to have a number of girls to choose from! Sarah

Amanda Barwick said...

I love her/ them already! is that weird?! can't wait to meet the prettiest babies in the world! awesome job marie. I'm so proud of you. (and jeff too). cant wait to meet them :) love you!

abarajas77 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 3 girls on 3/3!

I can't wait to meet your beautiful little girls.

-- Adriana

the schirano triplets said...

Congratulations times 3!!! I am so excited to see more pictures! I cannot believe how big they are - way to go Mama! That is so wonderful that they are breathing on their own and doing so well. I bet they will move out of the NICU and be home in no time at all!

Harris Boys said...

omg you just posted yesterday and NOW your girls are here!! triple congrats!!! wonderful weights, congrats mommy!!!! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marie and Jeff! It's the Montana Hagens saying congrats!! I can hardly wait to see the Triple A Team. It's been fun following along despite the distance. What a belly! Lots of fun ahead for you...I'm trying to picture them as three teen girls.... =) Lots of love. Uncle Bruce, Aunt Kathy, Spring & Tai, Barry, Kaili

Kristen callaway said...

OMG!!! I was just checking and can't believe they are here! THey are beautiful! Congratulations to both you and Jeff. What a journey! I can't wait to see all of you!!!

Love you bunches,

Team Racer said...

Congratulations to you both!
We are so happy for you!
Can't wait to see more photos of the rest of the A-Team girls!

Jen and Mark Farmer

Anonymous said...

Whew! Way to go ... it is very exciting and the girls (based on the one photo) are gorgeous. Rest up and catch your breath, then buckle up for a wild and exciting family adventure!

All my best,
J. Randall

Alan & Kathy said...

Congratulations Jeff and Marie

What wonderful news to see when I logged on. Anna is just beautiful. We can't wait to see Ava and Alexis. Get some much needed rest Marie. Enjoy what God has blessed you with. Your in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

so adorable...ok, don't be mad Marie but I think Anna is a spiting image of Jeff, can't wait to see what Ava and Alexis look like.

Anonymous said...

Marie & Jeff-

Heartfelt congratulations to the two of you!!! I can't wait to meet all of the girls- Anna looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing more pics soon. Take care, and good luck!

Karen Miller

Anonymous said...

How thrilling! Three beautiful, healthy babies to love! It's so fun to hear updates from our friends at the state fair (which seems like a lifetime ago).
Libby (Sholl) Hall

Julee said...

I am so happy for the five of you. Way to go Marie, you held in there longer than most. All the fun is about to start. Can't wait to see more pics. Give those little angels, hugs and kisses from the trips in NY and both Mark and I.


Anonymous said...

Ok, it took me a long time to figure out how to comment:) I am definitely not tech savvy like your dad Marie!! Anyway, we are SO excited for you both!! What an incredible blessing x3! Prayers were certainly answered with their safe arrival! Enjoy every moment, especially these first unbelievable days that can be almost euphoric..........nothing but smiles! Later sleep deprivation may give you a slightly dazed look but its all good! Can't wait to see the other pics......Ana is adorable! All of us wish you the best.........Paul Melissa(technophobic) Elysia Jacob and Katelyn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Marie and Jeff! I am so happy for you all!! What a beautiful family you all make. Can't wait to meet the girls, beautiful choices for names. Beth Czekalski

Anonymous said...

Congrats Marie and Jeff. I finally figured I should check in when you didn't answer the phone! :) I am impressed with how big Anna is, I can't wait to see the rest of the crew!
Love ya, Jules

pam said...

congratulations, they are such big healthy weights! yay mom! can't wait to see more pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Marie and Jeff
Congrats to all of you. Shared the great news at work yesterday and my whole ob team was amazed at the size of those girls. Way to go Marie. Keeping you all in our prayers as you prepare to go home and embark on this wonderful journey. Elizabeth is here today and keeps looking at Annas pic and saying how cute she is. Can't wait to meet them all.
The Nebraska Gierkes