Monday, March 17, 2008

Pediatrician Appt. today!

Today we ventured out with ALL of the girls. Anna and Ava had their first Pediatrician appointment and she wanted to see Alexis again to get her weight etc. So my parents were kind enough to drive my vehicle and take us to the appointment since Jeff had meetings at work he couldn't miss so he came straight from work. It was quite a funny little scene since the 3 girls' carseats take up the entire back seat, I am lucky that my pathfinder has a 3rd row seat so I sat back there so I could see all of the girls and watch them while we drove to the Dr. It is pretty funny the comments and looks we get as we each carried a baby into the Dr. office. The Fed Ex guy walking out of the building made a comment about having our hands full...he has no idea how full they really are, but once again, we just feel so blessed and I would rather they be full than empty. :) I told him that I was lucky that I had my parents help. Once again, so grateful for all of their assistance during this time. My poor mom is on the same "lack of sleep" schedule as we are.

So here are the updates from today's appointment:

Anna now weighs 5 lbs and 1/2 oz
Ava now weighs 5 lbs 4 oz
Alexis now weighs 4 lbs 10oz

They are all healthy and were the hit of the Dr. office. I have to say I really love the Pediatrician office we selected. They get us right back into a room so we don't sit out in the waiting area (even though they have a separate waiting room for sick kids.) They don't even make us wait in the well-kids side because they know how risky it is to have the girls exposed to other people right now. The Dr. is very adamant about not allowing visitors until we are through the flu and RSV season. So for now, we are trying to update all of you via this blog and hopefully can share the girls with you in another month and a half or so....I guess the main RSV season goes through April and risks go down obviously as the girls get older too.

We snapped a few pictures while at the Dr. today. Anna and Ava just hung out in their diapers and didn't make a fuss. Alexis (who didn't even have to lay their naked) made more of a fuss than the other two, but was still pretty cute! Check out Ava trying to eat Anna's foot!

The girls like to hang out in their boppy pillows after they are done with their bottles.

Ava is certainly our mover and shaker....she can get out of any swaddled blanket and pretty much grunts until she at least gets her arms out. Check out this photo my mom took that shows how much she can get out on her own....just wait til she starts crawling!

These are the roses that were in church on Sunday in honor of the girls' births. My dad arranged for their announcement and their names were also in the bulletin. I thought they were so nice and pretty.


Anonymous said...

Marie - your little ones are so beautiful. I am so happy for you!!! Those little girls are so blessed to have you and Jeff as parents. Bethany

Harris Boys said...

The girls look so happy and healthy!! Your doing a wonderful job mom! Its hard work, but worth every second! :)