Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gator's Girls!

**So we are still trying to update all of you with all of the great details but the hospital only has certain locations for wireless and this is the first access we have had since Tuesday morning, so bear with us until we go home and can add pictures from there.**

All of Gator's Girls are doing great! (Marie included. :) They are all beautiful and healthy but of course we are a little biased.
The Dr.'s and nurses all keep telling us that they are HUGE for triplets and that we really did a great job of making it to 34.5 weeks. So we are just thanking God and feel so happy and blessed to have 3 healthy little girls.

I can't wait until I can add pictures because I was able to get one of Jeff holding Anna yesterday and she was just snuggling on his chest and he looked like an ole' pro! After he gave her back to the nurse she cried for about 5 mins until they gave her a clearly she missed her daddy! Everyone thought Jeff would be outnumbered, but I think I will be the one that will be left out since they will probably all be "Daddy's little Girls"! :) I love it!

I finally got to see them yesterday for the first time and I can't even tell you how great it was. They just all warmed my heart and I love them so much already! I have now been able to hold all of them and I have fed bottles to Ava and Alexis. Jeff has fed Anna so far...but he did turn down the opportunity to change her diaper yesterday. He figures we'll have plenty to take care of once they are home, so he thought the nurses could handle it for now. :) In his words...."that's what I'm paying them for." :)

I am scheduled to go home tomorrow and am looking forward to being back in my own bed and home with Jeff. Hopefully the girls will all be joining us within the next 2 weeks or so. The Dr.'s haven't really given us a timeline yet, but just keep reassuring us that they are all doing fantastic and really just need to proove that they can gain weight and maintain their temperatures. So far they are ahead of the game and the Dr.'s are basically telling us that they are perfect and progressing ideally.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, comments, flowers, gifts, phone calls, emails and just outpouring of support. Even if we haven't been able to talk with you personally, please know how much we love and appreciate you all.

Stay tuned for pictures over this weekend!
PS...They all have hair and right now it looks pretty blonde....Ava's is a little darker like Marie's....well-my natural color. :) I think Anna and Alexis look more like their daddy....blonde hair or not. We just think they are all just so adorable!


Dave Yurkovich said...

Congrats first of all! All five of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Little Holly can't wait to cross the street and see the babies!
Let us know if there is anything we can do!

- Yurkovich Family

Harris Boys said...

YAY. Can't wait to see pictures and again CONGRATS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad all is still going well! I love the blogspot for keeping up without invading your space! I printed Anna's picture and will do the same with the others to share with grandma and grandpa. Mom did ask if I had any more "news" and so I keep her updated this way too!Looking forward to the new pics.....Try to get some rest as you need to recover too! And Jeff......changing diapers is not quite what I went to nursing school for!! I guess it falls under "and all other duties........" I am sure the nurses do not mind especially with such happy circumstances and sweet babies! Take care.....all our best! Melissa et al

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Anna is beautiful. We are looking forward to seeing Ava's and Alexis' photo too.
The Mayo Family