Monday, February 25, 2008

The Honey-Do List

So for those of you that know me the best, you know that I always have a list of things I like to get done...especially during the weekends. It's actually hard for me to just sit around and do "nothing" when I think I could be doing something, organizing an area or putting something together. (Of course this was all before bed rest took over.) 
Now that I am on bed rest, my lists continue, but poor Jeff gets the brunt of the tasks and hasn't had much weekend time to relax since there has been much to do before the girls arrive. It has probably been the hardest thing about being on bed rest....not being able to help or do things myself. All of the things I want to help with (putting swings together, installing the car seats etc.) I haven't been able to do much and Jeff has put up with my crazy lists. So thanks to Jeff, this past weekend our safety gate at the top of the stairs and also curtains in my "mom's room" were installed. The gate is really more to keep our cat, Bailey, off of the top floor of the house without being with one of us and eventually will keep the girls safe too, but for is our "kitty gate".

In honor of the new kitty gate I thought I would include one of Jeff's favorite pictures of Bailey...."the smile"

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