Saturday, February 23, 2008

He cooks, He shops, He does it ALL!

So I haven't mentioned it yet, because I could literally say it in every day's post. Jeff is AMAZING! He hasn't complained once since I have been placed on bed rest and he has had to pick up all of the household tasks. (except cleaning....which as mentioned before, thank goodness my mom does!)  He cooks, goes grocery shopping, does all of the laundry and basically takes care of us while I am trying to keep these girls growing strong. 

It's not like he was against helping with many of these things before, but I was traditionally the one who did most of it and actually enjoy these tasks. He really has been so good at taking care of me and making sure I am sitting down instead of helping when I see he has had a long day at work. He just keeps telling me to "take care of his girls" so that is what I am trying to do. 

Right now, he is actually out doing our weekly grocery shopping.  I think the 5 phone calls from Meijer are pretty cute when he can't find something that I put on the list, or when he comes home with tangerine juice instead of orange juice because the cartons looked identical. It has actually been good for him to know where everything is considering it will probably be a long time before we are shopping at Meijer together again. (Unless of course someone else is watching the girls, but I don't think we will waste that luxury on grocery shopping....hopefully we will use our sacred alone time for a nice dinner out.)

He really is doing such a great job. It makes me really look forward to the next steps in this adventure even more because I know we are in this together. We may not be the most experienced parents out of the gate, but I think we'll catch on quick...we'll have to. Luckily we can rely on each other. :)  Love ya Jeff!

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