Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do we have 3 future gymnasts on our hands?

So one of the things I get asked frequently is about the babies moving so I thought I would try to describe it as best I can.

Can I feel them all the time?
Yes, ALL of the time. I always feel little movements that are like air bubbles. They happen so much that I barely notice these movements anymore unless I am concentrating on them. 

Can I tell which baby is moving?
Yes! They have all stayed in their same general locations throughout the whole pregnancy.
Baby A is lowest, Baby B is further up and on my left side and Baby C is usually the highest and on my right side. Sometimes when the movements are in the middle or right above my belly button, I can't tell if it is B or C. :)

When do they move the most?
Usually in the early evening is when they have some of their biggest movements. I think it corresponds to when Jeff comes home from work and tells me about his day. I think they hear his talking and then start jumping around. They really do react to the sound of his voice. Very cool if you ask me. :)

Can I see them moving?
YES!  And this has probably been one of the most fascinating things I have ever experienced. Sometimes it is just a little ripple or thump, but other times it looks like my stomach has tidal waves going through it and someone is literally trying to get out! It is really crazy to feel them move inside and see these huge movements from the outside at the same time. Quite a miracle!

What does Jeff think about all of this?
"Cool, but freaky!"  He is fascinated by the whole thing, but keeps saying it just seems so weird that there are 3 babies in there doing all of that moving around. He will place his hand on my belly when I tell him they are moving a lot and he'll feel them, but sometimes they startle him by how strong they move or how quickly. It's funny to see him jump when they kick him hard! 

Do they react to things I do?
They tend to move a little more after I eat or drink something. They also will kick certain spots if I place my hand there or push in a little. One day Baby B was sticking her elbow or foot or into my belly  and it was a little uncomfortable, so I gently pushed it or moved it to a different spot...well she decided she would move it back. We did this back and forth about 3 times before I decided she won. :)

Throughout most of the pregnancy, Babies A and B have both been head down and C was breech. Well the week before our last growth ultrasound 2 weeks ago, I felt ALOT of movements on my right like Baby C was literally doing flips. I told my mom and Jeff and we all thought it would be hard for her to actually flip around since they can't have that much room in there. Well sure enough, at the appointment, Baby C had flipped all the way around and was now head down like her sisters. :) I guess we will see if they are all still head down at tomorrow's appointment....they have been moving a lot. Maybe we have 3 gymnasts. :) 

3 babies...It is kind of hard for us to grasp. Right now, I just have a huge belly and we feel these movements, but to actually meet the girls.....I can't even tell you how much we are looking forward to those moments!  I hope I never forget how cool it feels to have 3 miracles growing inside of me. 


lcorry said...

Hi Marie,

Katie just forwarded me your blog. I'm so excited for you!! I hope you are doing well and I can't wait to hear more updates.

Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Marie - Jeff thinks it's great that I keep checking your blog, but the whole office is fascinated watching your pregnancy progress. He was over this morning and said your back was bothering you alot lately. You're doing great! I can't believe how big the babies are and that you've been doing so well with everything. Keep us posted and keep updating the blog. We'll all want to stop and see you and the girls when they arrive. Take care!

Roxann Damron
Jeff's Meiling Hall buddy

Anonymous said...

Marie you look great! It's a little...ok, medium sized :) ... ball under there! March 12 is the date, how exciting! Very anxious to meet the girls. I think the cameras over their beds is too neat. Thanks for the blog, it's fabulous. --Beth C.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely glowing and you look fabulous!!!! I love the blog idea too, I love to keep up with the latest news on the Thornhill babies! Keep up the good work!! --Adriana

Anonymous said...

Okay, so this has been real to me the whole time, of course, but this sentence made me tear up:

"Well sure enough, at the appointment, Baby C had flipped all the way around and was now head down like her sisters."

SISTERS! I am so excited for these babies and for you and Jeff. Just seeing that word makes me cry with happiness for you two!