Friday, February 22, 2008

The date is set!

So we had our 33 week appointment at the Dr. yesterday. The nurses all made me feel pretty good because they were all shocked to still see me coming in. I told them I wanted to go another 3 weeks and they thought I was crazy. :)  They said that most women come in complaining by this point and they couldn't believe I was in such a good mood, but I told them that I am just so happy that I have continued to make it this far and just keep the girls' health in mind. One nurse even told me that she couldn't tell I was pregnant from behind, so you know that made my day!

I've gained a total of 19 pounds so far. Most of it has come in the last few weeks as the girls have started to put on their weight too. I am really hopeful that at next week's appointment, they are measuring close to 5 lbs each. 

The Dr. came in and even called me "super mom" so of course I was on cloud nine at the appointment yesterday. He said I was doing great and so far nothing is we went ahead and schedule the c-section!  If I don't go into labor before, the girls will be making their grand appearance on March 12th!  That's only 19 days away!  I think it really began to set in for Jeff and I after we actually set the date.  Only 19 days....or less.

Today the weather closed school so my nephew Thomas is keeping me company and we are hanging out. He brought a few movies so I might break down and actually watch my first movie since being at home on bed rest. It's nice to have someone else in the house and he has a lot to talk about. :)


Anonymous said...

My wife is an Olympic Athlete! I am SO PROUD of Marie! Jeff (aka Gator)

Julee said...

I can't believe that was all you gained. You must look truly amazing. I can't wait for the arrivals of your little beauties. I am so excited for you guys. I'll keep posting.


Anonymous said...

Supermom and Superdad - James and I are really excited for the both of you, well actually your whole team :)! I'm glad you have created this so we can get the play by plays! Call if you need us!

The Laines