Thursday, February 28, 2008

34 Weeks! 13 days or less!

34 Weeks!
Pay no attention to the dark roots!
Today is another milestone...34 weeks! I figured we should take at least a couple more pictures of me pregnant since this journey will be coming to an end pretty soon, so here is a picture of me this morning. (6:30am before my Dr.'s Appt.) And since you all made me feel so good about not looking pregnant from the back, I had Jeff take one of those too....funny thing is he still did a count down "3...2...1...Picture!" when I was turned around....Did he think I needed to smile at the wall? HA, he's so funny!

The Dr. appointment went pretty decent, just not up to my expectations. All babies are still head down and weigh over 4 lbs, but I was really hoping they would be closer to 5 lbs like a single baby would be at this point. However the Dr. had to explain to me that triplets tend to stop growing (gaining weight) at the same rate as singletons around week 28, so I guess I kept up with the singletons for longer than expected...just not as long as I hoped. But he said I was a bit unrealistic and should still be happy. 

After the regular appointment he sent me over to the hospital for steroid shots, since this is basically the last point in which they will be effective. (For those of you that aren't as familiar, the steroid shots are given to help preemie babies mature in a few key areas, the main one being respiratory/lung development.) Most triplet moms would have received these shots somewhere between 28-32 weeks when they experienced pre-term labor symptoms, but since I have been very fortunate not to have any of that happen, we never did the shots. The Dr. says the shots are most beneficial when given within 7-14 days of delivery, so that is why he decided to go ahead and give them now saying they could only help the girls. 

While I was at the hospital, the Dr. also wanted me to do a Non-stress test, which basically monitors each baby's heartbeat over a period of 20 mins to make sure it is accelerating and decelerating appropriately. Well, as you can imagine, it is REALLY hard to get these 3 girls to be still long enough to tell whose heartbeat is whose for a steady 20 mins. So instead of being at the hospital for less than an hour this morning, we were there for close to 5 hours. Baby A and C wanted to cooperate, but I guess Baby B wanted a little more "camera time" so she had to be watched on ultrasound for 30 mins to make sure she did all of the appropriate things. She did, so all 3 are very healthy and doing well, but it definitely took a little toll on me today. It really made me realize how lucky I have been to have spent bed rest at home instead of in the hospital. The beds are horrible and constantly being hooked up to things and not seeing or hearing the things I think I should see/hear is a bit unnerving. (Because of course, I think I am qualified and experienced now, but just end up getting myself worried because we all know I'm not. Thank God for Jeff...he just kept telling me that everything was ok...but I know he was a little worried too.)

So this ended up being a lot longer than I was planning, but it's easier than explaining all of this to each of you in emails, so hopefully I answered everyone's questions. :)
Thank you to everyone who has been reading, emailing comments and just overall for your support, love and encouragement. It really means a lot to both of us. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Marie, You look FABULOUS!! Lynn and I think you and Gator are great parents guys are amazing!
Lynn, Hannah and I are rooting for a March 4th birth! Miss Hannah thinks it would be "so COOL!" to have the girls born on her birthday! :) Hugs!!

Kristen Callaway said... look wonderful! I'm so excited for you and congratulations for holding on so long. You seem to be doing all the right things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will keep you in my prayers until March 12th...and then hopefully we get to see you :)

Miss you bunches