Thursday, February 21, 2008

33 Weeks and counting!

So I've made it another week. We are at 33 weeks and have a Dr. appointment today and I love Thursdays!  This day of the week has become my favorite day because it is a guarantee that I get to leave the house, breathe in some fresh air and actually see the world outside of my house.

Don't get me wrong, I am very fortunate that I have been able to be on bedrest at home instead of in the hospital, but I still get a little stir crazy. Jeff has been great about taking my crazy calls in the middle of the day (although I haven't called him this week since he started a new job and I don't want to bother him). My parents have been amazing at coming over and doing every possible project that Jeff and I haven't gotten to yet. 

My dad has "hooked" us up literally. From installing wireless internet in our house and this week he installed cameras over each of the girls' cribs so we can check in on them by turning on any TV in the house. How cool is that?! I think he has been up and down our stairs more than Jeff and I in the past 4 years, but he has been a great sport about it all and we're really excited to have the ability to check in on the girls without having to peek in their room and disturb them. 

My mom...What hasn't she done for us? She runs errands, picks up little things that she knows I want for the girls and makes sure we have dinner or at least something planned that's easy for Jeff to make. She has been so helpful and she cleans too! Thank God for my mom who keeps my house clean. If I had to sit in a messy or dirty house without being able to do anything about it, I think that is what would put me right over the edge. But like I said, she has been so fabulous at keeping us sparkling dad even calls her "Molly" in Molly Maid. :) Jeff probably appreciates her cleaning even more than me since it has allowed him to avoid cleaning a toilet in our house...EVER!  PS...My mom's birthday was Tuesday...Happy Birthday Mom!

I'm so lucky to have family close by that is so willing to help. I know we will be needing their help even more once the girls arrive.  So here's to another week in the books. Now if we can just make it to 34...


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