Friday, February 29, 2008

Nursery Before/After!

It was one of our guest rooms for the past 4 years (aka Kristen's room first if you know the story:) and it has been transformed into our nursery. Thank goodness we decided to add the bonus room when we built the house or none of our other guest rooms would have been large enough for 3 cribs! Jeff is the master painter with his power roller and I do all of the detail and edges. This is my Mom painting the ribbon detail. Too bad my mom and I are crazy perfectionists....we couldn't get it just perfect and decided to paint over with a large white stripe and add in polka dots. 

So Jeff taped out a border for me to paint white (4 coats to cover the purples) and then I painted all of the polka dots by hand. This of course was all pre-bed rest...thank goodness we got it all done early! Of course, Bailey had to supervise!
Oh, and check out the adorable pink chandelier from my friends Amanda and Michael...I just love it!

This past week, my mom and dad came over to help hang the girls' names over their cribs. I love how it turned out. Maybe it will help us keep them straight during those 3am feedings too! In the picture for Alexis, you can see one of they tiny cameras my dad installed (hanging from the ceiling along the wall). It's not too intrusive and he's working on a wireless dimmer switch for the light in the room, so if we want to check on the girls and there is not enough light, then we can turn the light on from any other room in the house (on a low dim of course) and it will light enough so we can see the camera picture even better. So cool to have a dad that loves tech-y toys!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

34 Weeks! 13 days or less!

34 Weeks!
Pay no attention to the dark roots!
Today is another milestone...34 weeks! I figured we should take at least a couple more pictures of me pregnant since this journey will be coming to an end pretty soon, so here is a picture of me this morning. (6:30am before my Dr.'s Appt.) And since you all made me feel so good about not looking pregnant from the back, I had Jeff take one of those too....funny thing is he still did a count down "3...2...1...Picture!" when I was turned around....Did he think I needed to smile at the wall? HA, he's so funny!

The Dr. appointment went pretty decent, just not up to my expectations. All babies are still head down and weigh over 4 lbs, but I was really hoping they would be closer to 5 lbs like a single baby would be at this point. However the Dr. had to explain to me that triplets tend to stop growing (gaining weight) at the same rate as singletons around week 28, so I guess I kept up with the singletons for longer than expected...just not as long as I hoped. But he said I was a bit unrealistic and should still be happy. 

After the regular appointment he sent me over to the hospital for steroid shots, since this is basically the last point in which they will be effective. (For those of you that aren't as familiar, the steroid shots are given to help preemie babies mature in a few key areas, the main one being respiratory/lung development.) Most triplet moms would have received these shots somewhere between 28-32 weeks when they experienced pre-term labor symptoms, but since I have been very fortunate not to have any of that happen, we never did the shots. The Dr. says the shots are most beneficial when given within 7-14 days of delivery, so that is why he decided to go ahead and give them now saying they could only help the girls. 

While I was at the hospital, the Dr. also wanted me to do a Non-stress test, which basically monitors each baby's heartbeat over a period of 20 mins to make sure it is accelerating and decelerating appropriately. Well, as you can imagine, it is REALLY hard to get these 3 girls to be still long enough to tell whose heartbeat is whose for a steady 20 mins. So instead of being at the hospital for less than an hour this morning, we were there for close to 5 hours. Baby A and C wanted to cooperate, but I guess Baby B wanted a little more "camera time" so she had to be watched on ultrasound for 30 mins to make sure she did all of the appropriate things. She did, so all 3 are very healthy and doing well, but it definitely took a little toll on me today. It really made me realize how lucky I have been to have spent bed rest at home instead of in the hospital. The beds are horrible and constantly being hooked up to things and not seeing or hearing the things I think I should see/hear is a bit unnerving. (Because of course, I think I am qualified and experienced now, but just end up getting myself worried because we all know I'm not. Thank God for Jeff...he just kept telling me that everything was ok...but I know he was a little worried too.)

So this ended up being a lot longer than I was planning, but it's easier than explaining all of this to each of you in emails, so hopefully I answered everyone's questions. :)
Thank you to everyone who has been reading, emailing comments and just overall for your support, love and encouragement. It really means a lot to both of us. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do we have 3 future gymnasts on our hands?

So one of the things I get asked frequently is about the babies moving so I thought I would try to describe it as best I can.

Can I feel them all the time?
Yes, ALL of the time. I always feel little movements that are like air bubbles. They happen so much that I barely notice these movements anymore unless I am concentrating on them. 

Can I tell which baby is moving?
Yes! They have all stayed in their same general locations throughout the whole pregnancy.
Baby A is lowest, Baby B is further up and on my left side and Baby C is usually the highest and on my right side. Sometimes when the movements are in the middle or right above my belly button, I can't tell if it is B or C. :)

When do they move the most?
Usually in the early evening is when they have some of their biggest movements. I think it corresponds to when Jeff comes home from work and tells me about his day. I think they hear his talking and then start jumping around. They really do react to the sound of his voice. Very cool if you ask me. :)

Can I see them moving?
YES!  And this has probably been one of the most fascinating things I have ever experienced. Sometimes it is just a little ripple or thump, but other times it looks like my stomach has tidal waves going through it and someone is literally trying to get out! It is really crazy to feel them move inside and see these huge movements from the outside at the same time. Quite a miracle!

What does Jeff think about all of this?
"Cool, but freaky!"  He is fascinated by the whole thing, but keeps saying it just seems so weird that there are 3 babies in there doing all of that moving around. He will place his hand on my belly when I tell him they are moving a lot and he'll feel them, but sometimes they startle him by how strong they move or how quickly. It's funny to see him jump when they kick him hard! 

Do they react to things I do?
They tend to move a little more after I eat or drink something. They also will kick certain spots if I place my hand there or push in a little. One day Baby B was sticking her elbow or foot or into my belly  and it was a little uncomfortable, so I gently pushed it or moved it to a different spot...well she decided she would move it back. We did this back and forth about 3 times before I decided she won. :)

Throughout most of the pregnancy, Babies A and B have both been head down and C was breech. Well the week before our last growth ultrasound 2 weeks ago, I felt ALOT of movements on my right like Baby C was literally doing flips. I told my mom and Jeff and we all thought it would be hard for her to actually flip around since they can't have that much room in there. Well sure enough, at the appointment, Baby C had flipped all the way around and was now head down like her sisters. :) I guess we will see if they are all still head down at tomorrow's appointment....they have been moving a lot. Maybe we have 3 gymnasts. :) 

3 babies...It is kind of hard for us to grasp. Right now, I just have a huge belly and we feel these movements, but to actually meet the girls.....I can't even tell you how much we are looking forward to those moments!  I hope I never forget how cool it feels to have 3 miracles growing inside of me. 

Monday, February 25, 2008

Per Kay's request... :)

So, I wasn't planning on including the pictures from 32 weeks since they were so similar to 33, but my friend Kay stopped by yesterday and said I "HAD" to put a picture showing me from the back. So Kay, here it is....Are you happy now?  Next she'll want me to do a close up of my grown out dark hair since I haven't been able to highlight my hair SINCE JULY!!!!  She of course thinks this is funny...I have yet to find the humor in it, but I'm just following Dr.'s orders so I'll deal with it for the rest of the time. :)  

The Honey-Do List

So for those of you that know me the best, you know that I always have a list of things I like to get done...especially during the weekends. It's actually hard for me to just sit around and do "nothing" when I think I could be doing something, organizing an area or putting something together. (Of course this was all before bed rest took over.) 
Now that I am on bed rest, my lists continue, but poor Jeff gets the brunt of the tasks and hasn't had much weekend time to relax since there has been much to do before the girls arrive. It has probably been the hardest thing about being on bed rest....not being able to help or do things myself. All of the things I want to help with (putting swings together, installing the car seats etc.) I haven't been able to do much and Jeff has put up with my crazy lists. So thanks to Jeff, this past weekend our safety gate at the top of the stairs and also curtains in my "mom's room" were installed. The gate is really more to keep our cat, Bailey, off of the top floor of the house without being with one of us and eventually will keep the girls safe too, but for is our "kitty gate".

In honor of the new kitty gate I thought I would include one of Jeff's favorite pictures of Bailey...."the smile"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

He cooks, He shops, He does it ALL!

So I haven't mentioned it yet, because I could literally say it in every day's post. Jeff is AMAZING! He hasn't complained once since I have been placed on bed rest and he has had to pick up all of the household tasks. (except cleaning....which as mentioned before, thank goodness my mom does!)  He cooks, goes grocery shopping, does all of the laundry and basically takes care of us while I am trying to keep these girls growing strong. 

It's not like he was against helping with many of these things before, but I was traditionally the one who did most of it and actually enjoy these tasks. He really has been so good at taking care of me and making sure I am sitting down instead of helping when I see he has had a long day at work. He just keeps telling me to "take care of his girls" so that is what I am trying to do. 

Right now, he is actually out doing our weekly grocery shopping.  I think the 5 phone calls from Meijer are pretty cute when he can't find something that I put on the list, or when he comes home with tangerine juice instead of orange juice because the cartons looked identical. It has actually been good for him to know where everything is considering it will probably be a long time before we are shopping at Meijer together again. (Unless of course someone else is watching the girls, but I don't think we will waste that luxury on grocery shopping....hopefully we will use our sacred alone time for a nice dinner out.)

He really is doing such a great job. It makes me really look forward to the next steps in this adventure even more because I know we are in this together. We may not be the most experienced parents out of the gate, but I think we'll catch on quick...we'll have to. Luckily we can rely on each other. :)  Love ya Jeff!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The date is set!

So we had our 33 week appointment at the Dr. yesterday. The nurses all made me feel pretty good because they were all shocked to still see me coming in. I told them I wanted to go another 3 weeks and they thought I was crazy. :)  They said that most women come in complaining by this point and they couldn't believe I was in such a good mood, but I told them that I am just so happy that I have continued to make it this far and just keep the girls' health in mind. One nurse even told me that she couldn't tell I was pregnant from behind, so you know that made my day!

I've gained a total of 19 pounds so far. Most of it has come in the last few weeks as the girls have started to put on their weight too. I am really hopeful that at next week's appointment, they are measuring close to 5 lbs each. 

The Dr. came in and even called me "super mom" so of course I was on cloud nine at the appointment yesterday. He said I was doing great and so far nothing is we went ahead and schedule the c-section!  If I don't go into labor before, the girls will be making their grand appearance on March 12th!  That's only 19 days away!  I think it really began to set in for Jeff and I after we actually set the date.  Only 19 days....or less.

Today the weather closed school so my nephew Thomas is keeping me company and we are hanging out. He brought a few movies so I might break down and actually watch my first movie since being at home on bed rest. It's nice to have someone else in the house and he has a lot to talk about. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

33 Weeks and counting!

So I've made it another week. We are at 33 weeks and have a Dr. appointment today and I love Thursdays!  This day of the week has become my favorite day because it is a guarantee that I get to leave the house, breathe in some fresh air and actually see the world outside of my house.

Don't get me wrong, I am very fortunate that I have been able to be on bedrest at home instead of in the hospital, but I still get a little stir crazy. Jeff has been great about taking my crazy calls in the middle of the day (although I haven't called him this week since he started a new job and I don't want to bother him). My parents have been amazing at coming over and doing every possible project that Jeff and I haven't gotten to yet. 

My dad has "hooked" us up literally. From installing wireless internet in our house and this week he installed cameras over each of the girls' cribs so we can check in on them by turning on any TV in the house. How cool is that?! I think he has been up and down our stairs more than Jeff and I in the past 4 years, but he has been a great sport about it all and we're really excited to have the ability to check in on the girls without having to peek in their room and disturb them. 

My mom...What hasn't she done for us? She runs errands, picks up little things that she knows I want for the girls and makes sure we have dinner or at least something planned that's easy for Jeff to make. She has been so helpful and she cleans too! Thank God for my mom who keeps my house clean. If I had to sit in a messy or dirty house without being able to do anything about it, I think that is what would put me right over the edge. But like I said, she has been so fabulous at keeping us sparkling dad even calls her "Molly" in Molly Maid. :) Jeff probably appreciates her cleaning even more than me since it has allowed him to avoid cleaning a toilet in our house...EVER!  PS...My mom's birthday was Tuesday...Happy Birthday Mom!

I'm so lucky to have family close by that is so willing to help. I know we will be needing their help even more once the girls arrive.  So here's to another week in the books. Now if we can just make it to 34...


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

11.5 pounds of baby! Whew!

So last week was a HUGE milestone. We reached 32 weeks!  It seems that a lot of the major complications with preemies just keep diminishing the further along we go, so that has really eased our minds. 

This week I am 33 weeks pregnant and just keep telling myself that I can make it another 3 weeks!  Since the Dr. says that 36 weeks is pretty much the absolute max for triplets, I of course want to take this all the way to the end! No...I'm not competitive or anything. :)

The girls are all measuring right where they should be even if they were singletons. Thank God!
32 week measurements:
Baby A- 3 lbs 15 oz
Baby B- 3 lbs 14 oz
Baby C- 3 lbs 11 oz
YIKES!  11.5 lbs of babies!  I'm hoping to get the girls all over 5 lbs...wish me luck!