Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sesame Place Vacation 2011

We decided to take the girls to Sesame Place again this year for our family vacation and I'm really glad we was even better than last year! 
We drove to Wilkes-Barre first to visit Aunt Kiki and Uncle Joe who were expecting the arrival of their daughter, Erin at any moment. We weren't sure we would get to visit with them or not, but Erin waited until we had left to make her debut on July 1st! Congrats Kristen & Joe!

So the girls got some pool time at their house on Friday and Saturday and loved every minute of it. Cavanaugh hospitality was at it's best and we ate great and spent some nice relaxing time with great friends. Complete with a visit to a local farm for homemade ice cream...YUM! Can't wait to get back to meet little Erin!



L-R Alexis, Joe, Anna, Kiki, Ava
After we left Kristen's, we headed South to the Crayola Crayon Factory in Easton, PA. The girls seemed to enjoy it, but I was hoping for a bit more of a real factory like tour or something. Instead, I felt the prices were too high for adults who aren't doing anything except walking their kids around and the only thing we really did was play with the model magic stuff and watch a short demo on how crayons were made. I'll skip this next time.
L-R Alexis- Anna- Ava
The girls had more fun in the Crayola gift shop trying to imitate the mannequins' poses...and that was free...and luckily we made it out of there without spending a dime. 
Ava- Anna-Alexis

Anna- Ava-Alexis
After we left Crayola, we drove another hour south to Langhorne to our final destination....SESAME PLACE!  We got settled in to the Residence Inn and found out there was a FREE shuttle to Sesame every 30 mins or so....SCORE! I had reserved tickets for a special visit from Max & Ruby (TV cartoon for those who don't know) who were going to be performing at SP on Sunday night. Over the next couple days (Sunday-Thursday night) we were able to explore, play and have a great time at Sesame Place. Here are (a TON of) pictures of the girls loving every minute!

Anna- Ava-Alexis in front of flowers at entrance to Sesame!

Anna loved to ride the blue horses with green saddles! 

Ava of course picked the horses with PINK hair!

Lucky Alexis got a purple horse every time!

Sometimes, we were lucky and found all of their favorites in the SAME ROW!

Anna especially loves Grover! See that coaster in the background? The girls rode it and loved it!

This was the first set of characters they met this trip so I was worried since they were a bit frightened of Count that I would have to join the pics again this year....but nope...they warmed right up and went to all of the characters alone! It was awesome!

Abby Cadabby...a fav for all 3! Love that I caught Alexis hugging her.

Ava just kept asking...when can we hug Elmo? :)

During our breakfast with Elmo...we got the opportunity to meet a LOT of characters...BIG BIRD!

ZOE! ....Ava just kept telling her that she loved her pretty PINK princess outfit! :)

BURT came and sat at our table and kept stealing Anna's yogurt...she thought it was HYSTERICAL!

The girls seem to love Ernie...he's always really playful and they love to bop him on the nose!

Another hug from Elmo!

Riding the Teacups....Jeff doesn't do spinning rides (which means pretty much ALL.OF.THE.RIDES) so I got to ride everything....multiple times and sometimes 3 times in a row if they were too short to ride alone and had to have an adult. 

When ZOE came and sat at our table for breakfast, Ava, just crawled right up into her lap. :)

So of course, Anna had to do the same.

And so did Alexis! 

Elmo again? yup...never enough hugs from Elmo!

Hanging out in the cabana we rented which was right beside the Splash Castle. It was nice to have a quiet shaded spot to rest, but I think they are overpriced.

They even have a lockable drawer and mini fridge and 6 free towels!

The girls have their "goggles" on waiting for the characters to come to our special meet & greet we got special since we rented the cabana this day.

Prairie Dawn!

Murray? I think.

Love how Cookie just devoured them in his arms. they just giggled!


SUPER GROVER!...see how close Anna is...she loves him. And Ava loves to bop their noses!

And here Grover is getting Alexis' nose! :)


Telly...Anna thought it was so funny that he patted her head!


Abby Cadabby...getting the backward hug from Ava!

Furry, Lovable Grover! awwww!

Alexis snuggling!

yes, more bopping of noses! I wonder if the characters get tired of that? I'm sure!

One family shot with Ernie and Bert!

A picture of Count's Splash the bucket dumps!
Once we left Sesame Place, we drove a couple hours west and stopped in for the free Chocolate Tour at Hershey, PA!
A lady offered to take a pic of all of us, but clearly she missed the point of getting the HERSHEY'S sign above us IN the picture. oh well. :)

Jeff and his girls!

At least the nice lady that took this, understood to get the Chocolate World IN the picture. :)

Overall, we had a great, exciting, exhausting trip. Stay tuned for my recap of newly learned tips, park secrets and advice for visiting Sesame Place!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kristen's (Aunt Kiki) Baby Shower!

I was so honored to throw Kristen, my BFF and honestly, my little sister, a baby shower. April helped me with the planning and made these to-die-for cupcakes! My sister, Tammy made the cutest invitations and party favor elephants and the party came out really nice.
Kristen is such a cute pregnant gal...just love her!

April also made this cute as can be diaper cake!

Kristen showing off one of the adorable irish outfits! Joe will be so happy! :)
Another gal I love...Miss Amy...just always making us laugh! 

Congratulations Kristen and Joe! We love you guys!